How to market your

construction business

Get ready to open the faucet to never ending leads for your construction business!

watch this first:

Are you ready to open the lead faucet?

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when your well-executed business plan seems to crumble in your hands due to a lack of sales?

Why is the phone not ringing??

Why can’t you seem to find any new clients?

What's the solution?

Guess what? The answer is within your reach.

In fact, it's all right here on this keep reading!

The answer is….effective Marketing.

Your Marketing is the crux of your business.

If your construction business was a train, Marketing is the engine at the front.

It is at the very front of your entire process.

Then comes Sales, Estimating, Project Management etc….

Imagine the power of always bringing in new work for your construction business…imagine being able to drum up new business at ALL times.

I want you to stop and picture yourself as a confident business owner, leaning back on your office chair, smiling, with never ending access to a wellspring of leads that never runs dry.

There is no more rollercoaster of major ups and more slow periods where prospects aren't seeking you out for construction projects.

Instead, you are growing accustom to the steady rhythm of continuous leads which inevitably turn into profitable work at high margins.

That is what I have been able to achieve with J. Lane Construction, my 8 Figure construction business.

I have taken my construction company from $0 to well past the $10,000,000+ mark in annual sales before 30 years old.

And I am offering you ALL of my Marketing secrets within this online course.

Each call with your new leads will no longer feel like a high-stakes game. You’ll no longer be thinking “what if I don’t sell this project” because you don’t know where the next lead is going to come from…

Instead you’ll be focusing on helping that prospect reach their goals and if you don’t get the project, you know you have that wellspring to lean on.

Take a moment to think of the tranquility that comes with knowing your schedule is brimming with work for the foreseeable future, and there are still more leads banging down your door wanting to work with your company!

There's a certain peace of mind that accompanies a full pipeline of work. It is the assurance that the project you're working on won't be the last.

That my friend is the power of marketing properly…and it's all right here within your grasp, on this checkout page that you are literally on right now! (scroll down)

This online course is for General Contractors & Trade Contractors that are ready to take their construction business to the next level.

So, get ready to turn on the faucet of never ending leads.


Marketing Roadmap


Video Modules


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in this course You will…

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unlock the marketing roadmap for contractors

The Marketing Roadmap for Contractors is the first downloadable document within the course! This is the path that you will take along the journey of this course. It lays out your path for embarking on this journey across all 30 Modules! This alone is worth its weight in GOLD.

identify your target audience

You first need to identify your target audience, Jesse shows you how to expertly identify your target audience and create your ideal client avatar.

Find out what the most important platform is

In Module 2, Jesse unveals the SINGLE MOST important platform for your construction business and he walks you through his expert secrets for using it properly. (This is where 90%+ of Jesse's leads come from)

Build your website properly

In Module 3, Jesse uncovers his 15 vital aspects to properly buiding a construction business website! These are must-have items for your construction website.

uncover jesse's SEO secrets

Experience a mini-masterclass on SEO in Module 4!

Discover exacly how jesse gets client testimonials

Discover exactly how Jesse asks for and actually films client testimonial videos! Like...a full breakdown.

learn how to use Social Media properly

Module 7 is dedicated to the social media aspects you need to know in order to use social media for massive success in business. Which platforms you should use, and what is the single most important thing that people care about when viewing your social media posts?

discover what relationships to develop

Jesse shares the different relationships you need to develop & nuture to bring in endless leads for your construction business in Modules 13,14,15, & 16!


What events do you need to go to? In Module 21, Jesse shares exclusive industry insights on what events to go to, how to set up your booth for success, and what specifically to do when you are actually at these events!

learn how to develop a referral network

Jesse shares how to build a super strong referral network and an exclusive inside look into his experience at a certain type of business networking group and what you can accomplish by going to it!

Leverage appointment setters

Have you ever thought of using appointment setters? Hearing what Jesse has to say in this Module alone is worth the full investment in this course.

and so much more...

There's SO much more, but I can't spoil it for you!

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Are You Ready to Start marketing?

Take this step toward becoming an uber-confident construction marketing expert with this fun, interactive course that will take your construction business to an entirely new level!

Get Unlimited Lifetime Access to All 30 Modules + All 20 Downloads + The Marketing Roadmap for Contractors + 1 FREE Bonus Module

the full course for ONLY $997!!


How long will it take to go through all 30 Modules?

There is a little less than 3 hours worth of video content across all 30 Modules

Can I speed up the video playback within the course?


What is included in the downloads?

Each download is unique to the Module. Some have lists of 100 items according to the topic, some are scripts, templates, checklists, etc to help you along your marketing journey!

What is The Marketing Roadmap for Contractors?

The Marketing Roadmap for Contractors is a PDF visual of the step by step process of Module 1-30 (you will download this in the first course video)

What is a module?

A module in this online course is a 5-15 minute VALUE PACKED video along with the downloads that come with that particular module.

Is this course for me?

This online course is for General Contractors & Trade Contractors looking to scale their construction business.

Do I get lifetime access?


What happens after I purchase the course?

You'll get an email with your course login link and login information!

Do you offer financing when purchasing this course?

Yes! All of the Buy Now Pay Later options are listed in the checkout form at the bottom of this page.

Is this course worth the money?

This course is worth every penny...and then some. It is power-packed with no-fluff value based content that will take you to a whole new level in your construction business. What are you waiting for?

Have additional questions? Email

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I am totally confident that this course will make you a better construction business marketer that I am giving you a no-risk guarantee just for giving it a try. If you don’t feel like these modules are working out for you within 24 hours, simply request a refund.

About your Instructor

Jesse Lane owns and operates an 8-figure, award winning, Inc Fastest Growing, highly successful construction company called J. Lane Construction. Jesse is also a YouTuber where he shares his knowledge of the construction industry, helping others achieve their dreams & construction business goals. He is married, has 2 dogs (Jake and Cooper), and he is passionate about helping you succeed with your construction business!

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